SANDMARC Refurbished

iPhone Lenses

iPhone Filmmaking. Taken Further.

Anamorphic Lens

Designed with the serious filmmaker in mind, the SANDMARC Anamorphic lens allows you to capture cinematic footage with ultra-wide aspect ratio, oval bokeh & horizontal lens flares.

Small, Vivid Details

Macro Lens

From the brightest sunflowers to the smallest caterpillars, the Macro Lens captures vivid details you cannot see with the naked eye, enabling you to experience the intimate intricacies the world has to offer.

Better Portraits. Better Zoom.

Telephoto Lens

Ideal for documenting the streets of everyday life, the immense height of an inner-city building, or a captivating portrait.

Sharp 16mm Ultrawide

Wide Lens

Helps you capture ultra wide sharp photos and videos both in the front and rear iPhone camera. Delivers sharper images compared with iPhone's native ultrawide camera especially in lowlight conditions.

Sharp 16mm Ultrawide

Fisheye Lens

Capture artful images with 5x ultra-wide field of view. Ideal for landscape, urban, and concert photography.