iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, Mini ND and CPL Filter - SANDMARC Hybrid
Hybrid ND/PL Filters - iPhone - SANDMARC
Hybrid ND/PL Filters - iPhone - SANDMARC
Hybrid ND/PL Filters - iPhone - SANDMARC
Hybrid ND/PL Filters - iPhone - SANDMARC
iPhone 13 Pro ND & CPL Filter - SANDMARC Hybrid
iPhone 13 Pro ND Filter - Before After - SANDMARC Hybrid


Hybrid ND/PL Filters - iPhone

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Hybrid Filters combine the depth of field and controlled shutter speeds of our ND filter with the vibrant colors and contrasts of our PL filter. Landscape photography and outdoor filmmaking now have an even more cinematic look. By protecting the camera from overexposure and improving the high dynamic range, the Hybrid Filter gives you the highest possible control over your camera.

☉ Multi-coated, anti-reflective cinema glass
☉ Universal Patented Clip-on system
☉ Wide, Anamorphic & Telephoto Lens Compatible*

* Minor vignette when using with Anamorphic
(can easily be cropped in post editing)

☉ Polarized ND16 Filter (ND16/PL) - 4 Stops
☉ Polarized ND32 Filter (ND32/PL) - 5 Stops
☉ Polarized ND64 Filter (ND64/PL) - 6 Stops
☉ Phone Clip Mount


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